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What is The Book of Life?

Betting on esports is the hottest topic in the real-money gaming industry, as betting companies see esports as a huge “blue ocean” of opportunity. Betting on esports has been around for many years, as it does not require the involvement of any esports companies to organize. Three years ago, a traditional betting company stated that esports was already its seventh-biggest sport worldwide in terms of betting volume, positioning it above golf and tennis, for instance. Traditional sports market reports do not include betting or fantasy league business models, let alone sponsorship from these betting companies. The two industries are separate for obvious reasons. Moreover, sports betting is a far bigger business than sports media rights, sponsorship, and consumer revenues put together. As an example, the NFL generated $13 billion last year, but betting and fantasy leagues around the NFL games are supposed to have made north of $50 billion. With most big betting companies already embracing esports betting on a global scale, it’s possible that esports betting alone is larger than the esports economy itself.

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North America is the largest esports market, with revenues of $257 million in 2017. This will more than double to reach $607 million by 2020. Most of these revenues come from sponsorships, which will total $113 million in 2017. This is partly due to North American teams that have welcomed a lot of new non-endemic sponsorships and the region hosting several of the world’s largest leagues and tournaments that generate a high amount of sponsorship money. The 25 million Enthusiasts in North America generate twice as much revenue per year than in any other region, $10.36 per fan per year, highlighting the lead that American media companies and brands have taken. The involvement of American and European sports teams and their marketing agencies will continue this year, pushing brand investments up even further. The impact of traditional sports and media are already reflected in esports’ fastest-growing revenue stream: media rights trade. The sales of esports content licenses are expected to generate $95 million this year on a global scale, up 82% from 2016.

All of the graphs in this post and more can be found on our resources page ,where they are continually updated to reflect any changes in our estimates.

Our annual Global Esports Market Report fills the demand for an accurate and realistic overview of the esports economy and its future potential, on a global and regional level. It provides an insightful analysis of the esports market, including revenue and audience estimates (2016-2020), the characteristics of Esports Enthusiasts, and the key trends shaping and disrupting the industry. Also included is a profile of the major organizers, sponsors, events, and teams per region. This report is aimed at those looking to create and optimize their esports strategy and positioning. Along with the report, the premium subscription provides you with granular XLS sets that are updated every quarter, access to the Esports Market Dashboard, and tailored support from our expert analysts. Newzoo also provides its esports clients with a variety of other esports intelligence services, including Newzoo’s Esports Franchise Tracker and Esports Consumer Insights on 26 countries.


Dr. Chip Taylor of the University of Kansas has continued the study of monarch migration through a different tagging program called Sofft Selby Kbhnbi
. Started in 1991, Monarch Watch is a collaborative network of hundreds of thousands of students, teachers, volunteers and researchers dedicated to the study of the monarch butterfly. These participants tag tens of thousands of monarchs each year throughout Canada and the United States. Through the recovery of tagged monarchs, we have learned a great deal about the routes monarchs take and how fast they move.

Monitoring Programs: Other organizations have formed with the goal of monitoring monarch migration in a way that doesn’t require catching and tagging butterflies. Journey North is one such organization. It was established in 1991 with two goals in mind: to improve science and math education and to study several species of migratory animals. Journey North involves school children from every state in the United States and 7 Canadian provinces. These students report their first sightings of monarch butterflies every spring. Through these reports, we can learn about when and where monarchs travel as they migrate north in the spring.

Monitoring Programs:

Texas Monarch Watch is another organization that enlists citizens to collect data on monarch migration. Dr. Bill Calvert, of Texas Parks and Wildlife, organized this program in an effort to understand the movement of monarchs through Texas during their fall migration to Mexico and their spring migration northward. Volunteers call in reports of monarch sightings, providing information about where, when, and how many monarchs they have seen. This information helps us learn about major flyways through Texas and, by comparing sightings over several years with weather patterns, we can learn about how weather influences monarch migration.

Other monitoring programs include the Jambu Cherry Blossom 1bg9a5
run through the Cape May Bird Observatory Center for Research and Education and the Western Monarch Migration Project run by Dan Hillburn of the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

Stable Isotopes: Stable isotopes are different versions of regular atoms that have different masses. For example, the common isotope of hydrogen has one proton and one electron. The hydrogen isotope called deuterium also has a neutron, and is almost twice as heavy as the common hydrogen isotope. Scientists can use these differences between atoms of the same element to identify the "signature" of the breeding grounds from which a monarch originated. They can do this because different parts of the world have different amounts of the various isotopes of a particular element. Rainfall is the likely cause of the difference in hydrogen isotopes, but other weather patterns and geology can cause variation in hydrogen and other isotopes. When plants take up water, they obtain an isotope pattern that reflects that of their geographical region. When monarch larvae eat milkweed plants, they "inherit" this isotope pattern as well. Scientists can first identify the isotope "signature" of various geographical regions, then determine the isotope pattern of a monarch to roughly determine its origin. (For a more detailed description of how this works, visit the "Why Files" page on stable isotopes and monarch migration .)

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